Publish Pages KDP Course!

Publish Pages KDP Course!

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Our Simple Step-By-Step Method For Creating and Scaling a Profitable Self-Publishing Business


We believe there is no better way to learn a new skill or a new business model than by taking a comprehensive, step-by-step course. Why? Because a course is the fastest way to get from point A to B without months, or even years, of needless struggle and frustration!

We have taken countless amazing courses that increased our passive income earnings, and also increased our e-commerce knowledge and skills far beyond what we could have ever achieved on our own in the same amount of time. 

This is why we are passionate about creating helpful and simple-to-follow courses for our  Youtube subscribers, cash flow lovers and e-commerce entrepreneurs of all skill levels. Our courses are no-fluff zones. We skip past the unnecessary stuff that can drag courses out needlessly, and we dive straight into the actionable steps you need to take to get past newbie hurdles, so you can be successful as soon as possible!



Publish Pages is a step-by-step Amazon KDP book publishing course wherein we reveal all of our most profitable book publishing strategies. This course will provide you with a proven and actionable blueprint you can follow to build and scale your own Low-Content and High-Content self-publishing business to make $5k - $20k+ every month! 
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➡️  What You Will Learn
  • Effective mindset strategies to help you develop the winning mentality needed for entrepreneurship    
  • Our exact keyword and niche research to find profitable book ideas before we even create them!
  • Our most effective Amazon Ads Strategies (This is necessary for creating successful books on Amazon. Most new self-publishers are either not running ads or they are doing ads wrong. Thus, this is such an important section)
  •  Advanced Marketing strategies: How to create an email list and prepare your book to grow a fanbase and get reviews and How to use Facebook & Facebook Ads to market your book and gain more readers
  • We will reveal some of our favorite and most profitable niches 
  • How to Outsource the BEST writers and graphic designers for your books 
  • Templates for outsourcing writers
  • How to Automate your business

➡️  Bonuses 

  • You will gain access to our Facebook group where you can ask us and other students questions and gain suggestions and help from the community 
  • Course updates. We will continue to add updated information to this course which you will have access to.

➡️ Who is this course for? 

  •  Hard-working and creative individuals with a strong desire to create a successful, long-term passive income stream 

(One of our Amazon accounts' daily earnings during December 2020)