Job Opportunities

Work From Home, Comfortably, Safely and Remotely With Publish Pages!

Find your dream job with us! Help us make creative visions a reality through ghostwriting!

At PublishPages, our mission is to create the best quality books for our clients, and turn their creative projects to life, helping them to build and expand their own self-publishing businesses.

We are a team of individuals who are driven, creative, solution oriented. 

We are dedicated to being the go-to service for any self-publisher’s needs. Whether it be beta reading, manuscript editing, cover design, illustrations or writing the entire manuscript. With more services on the way!

Are you passionate about creating truly gripping stories? Are you results driven? Are you prone to maladaptive daydreaming? Are you sitting on a degree in English Lit that's collecting dust as we speak? And most of all do you love delivering quality work that exceeds customer expectations? If you answered yes to these questions and enjoy a fast-paced and fulfilling job you can do from the comfort of your home, then you may just be the perfect addition to our team of like-minded individuals! 

We are currently hiring starting April 30th, 2024, for the following freelance positions:

- Romance & Erotica Fiction Writers (This includes Contemporary romance, Historical romance, Romantasy, Sci-fi Romance, Monster Romance, Paranormal Romance, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance, Romantic Thrillers, Erotic romance and so much more.)

- Creative Fiction Writers

- Non-Fiction

- Professional Editors / Proofreaders

- Beta Readers / Sensitivity Readers

- Copywriters For Book Descriptions

- Graphic Artists For Cover Design

- Illustrators